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Dr. Aida López-Sánchez - Postdoctoral Researcher

Current Affiliation (Research Associate; main office)
Departamento de Sistemas y Recursos Naturales
ETS de Ingeniería de Montes, Forestal y Medio Natural
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Ciudad Universitaria s/n
28040 Madrid (Spain)
Phone: +34 913366414
E-Mail: aida.lopez(at)

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Research Project


I am involved in an emerging research project on declining oak vitality in Spanish Dehesas (oak woodlands). In this context, I am associated to the Range Ecology and Range Management Group and to the GIS and Remote Sensing Group (both University of Cologne).

Research Area and Interest
I am a vegetation ecologist with a strong interest in understanding silvopastoral systems. My empirical work mainly focuses on Mediterranean scattered oak woodlands such as Spanish Dehesas or Californian rangelands. However, I have also evaluated other silvopastoral systems such as German orchard pastures (“Streuobstwiesen”) and Argentinean woodlands.

My main research interest is to come a better understanding of how to find a balance between biodiversity conservation and land-use objectives. This knowledge is critical for the maintenance of silvopastoral systems, as only a sustainable land-use will preserve them for future generations. Accordingly, my ecological research focuses on the functioning and the supply of key ecosystem services from these man-made ecosystems. In my PhD dissertation, I have explored interactions between the main components of these silvopastoral systems, i.e. trees, herbaceous vegetation and livestock.


Regional Research Foci and Fieldwork Experience

  • Mediterranean wooded pastures (Dehesas)
  • Californian rangelands
  • German orchard pastures (“Streuobstwiesen”)


Curriculum Vitae


Academic Education

2010-2015: PhD student at the Department of Sistemas y Recursos Naturales, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Thesis title “Balancing management and preservation of Mediterranean scattered oak woodlands (dehesas) in human-dominated landscapes” [Download]

PhD Extraordinary Award (academic year 2014/15) of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

2014: Visiting PhD student; research at the Department für Nutzpflanzenwissenschaften, Georg-August-Universität of Göttingen (Germany; 3 months).

2013: Visiting PhD student; research at the Department of Biology, Stanford University, California (USA; 4 months).

2011: Visiting PhD student research at the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, University of California, Berkeley, California (USA; 2 months).

2011: MSc (Diploma) in Advanced Forest Research, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Thesis title “Herbaceous diversity and yield under holm oak canopies within a dehesa located in Central Spain”.

2009: MEng (Diploma) in Forestry Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Thesis title “Forestry Management Silvopastoralism of Wood in Margins of Gabriel y Galán Dam (Cáceres)”.


Major Research Projects

09/2016 - 03/2017: Research Associate (PostDoc) in the BMBF funded research program “LLL - Limpopo Living Landscapes”, Subproject 4: Livelihoods and farming systems (Principal Investigator Dr. Anja Linstädter, University of Cologne, Germany).


2015 - 2016: Research Associate, Project “Impactos, vulnerabilidad y adaptación al cambio climático en los sistemas extensivos de producción ganadera en España”, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Funded by OECC, Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente.


2009-2012: PhD student collaborator, Project “Holm oak dehesas and coppices in Mediterranean Spain: management proposals for the sustainability of two paradigmatic forest systems” Universidad Politécnica de Madrid”. Funded by Plan Nacional I+D+I 2008-2011. Subprograma de Proyectos de Investigación Fundamental orientada a los Recursos y Tecnologías Agrarias en coordinación con las CCAA


Scholarships, Prizes and Awards

2015: Poster Award (1st prize shared) within IV Workshop REMEDIA

2010-2014: Study PhD fellowship-contract (FPU) from Spain Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

2014: Congress accommodation funding from The Stapledon Memorial Trust for European Grassland Federation congress in Aberystwyth, Wales (UK)

2014:  Study abroad fellowship (Doctorate mobility) from Consejo Social, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

2013: Study abroad fellowship (‘FPU’) from Spain Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

2011: Study abroad fellowship (‘FPU’) from Spain Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

2011-2013: 3 Study summer course fellowships of Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo